Our Ministries

Here at Emmaus we strive to be a vital part of the lives of each one that walks through our doors.

We are working to have something for everyone.  Join us for small groups or  be a part of something bigger as we broadcast our sermons each week on the local TV station and around the world. There is no easier way to live for the Lord than with help from other like minded christians. Engaging in fellowship and fun with other believers is paramount in the Christian Life. Come grow with us as you in turn Grow in the Lord.

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Be a part of the new youth here at Emmaus. Our youth of today need more than a pat on the back.  They need some grit and determination to stand. Join us as we study the Word of God and learn to stand courageously against the world. With fun, excitement, and activities we encourage all the youth to see what we are all about.

Small Groups

We are currently meeting on Wednesday night with a Bible Study and fellowship. Join us as we grow and move into more Bible study groups for our children and adults

Ladies Fellowship

.  Ever wish you could just sit down, relax , and talk with your friend?  Well, that is what we are all about. Join us, whether we are on a day trip or simply eating together in the evening. We need our time and this is just the place to get it. So, kick off your shoes on and join our ladies for a great time of fellowship.

TV Ministry

Every Friday night you can watch our broadcast outreach on the Living Faith tv station. With the ability to reach over 75 million people, we are reaching out to the World with the Gospel. Tune in Fridays @  8:00 p.m. on your tv at wlfg tv .  Or you can catch it on the web, same time @ www.livingfaithtv.com

NEW STATION: Unity Broadcasting network serving Northern Mississippi & Alabama. Watch Friday 7:30 p.m. )central time). www.wcdtv39.webs.com  to check listing in your area.

Check out Dominion TV in the app store and download today.  We are broadcasting on this station every Sunday @ 4:00 p.m. est.

Be Inspired